Canyon Lake—2020

Most artists paint what they’ve seen.

I paint what I imagine.

I have been drawing and creating art in various forms for over 60 years.

As an Architect for 42 years, I traveled the world and worked in both modern and developing countries. My work planning and designing very large commercial projects took me to countries including Thailand, China, India, and the United Arab Emirates.

My world travels led to the creation of an art style that reflects my memories and experiences. I create fantasy and imaginary depictions of those places I encountered juxtaposed into a time in the past.

Although something may look familiar to the viewer, nothing is real. The locations, people, landscapes, and architecture all spring from my imagination.

Since setting up my downtown Seattle studio in 2009, my work has evolved from pen-and-ink drawings to multimedia works and, most recently, to watercolor paintings.

Spencer Allen Johnson

photo by Braiden Rex-Johnson


Mixed Media

Pen and Ink